December 2017

14th December – Project Evening: Presentation.
On Thursday we welcomed Allen Lloyd ARPS, AWPF back to the club. Allen has over 40 years experience in photography and tonight he shared his extensive knowledge of night photography His talk presented in his own passionate and enthusiastic manner was enjoyed by all. 
Allen covered all aspect from Dusk to Dawn including techniques for capturing  Landscapes by Moonlight and Starlight,Town Lights, Stars and the Milky Way and Painting with Light.
Allen demonstrated his technique for processing multiple images of the Milky Way using Capture One Software and Stars landscape Stacker.
After the break we were treated to a digital presentation of Allen’s photography in and around Monmouth-shire and The Wye Valley.
Allen mentioned the 500 Rule for calculating exposure. This link explains all and provides a useful table that could be printed off. Remember Allen had his camera set to ISO 6400 to keep the shutter speed below 20sec’s
For those shots in town (where there is generally more light pollution) Allen recommended using a Hoya Red Enhancing Filter to eliminate the orange glow from sodium street lights.
Also recommended are two short video tutorials, one is for pin-sharp stars and the other for trails.
to get you started.

7th December – Project Evening: Members Choice
This evening’s meeting might have been called experimental not so much because it introduced a new and well received format for a club night but because we were tasked with converting a colour image to a black and white in a few easy steps.  For the fifteen or so clubs members who shared with us their tips and workflows the phrase … so i experimented with this … was often heard. Each one of them started with a primary image of their choice and converted it to mono in a few easy steps. – the classic before and after approach.
This was more than sufficient to demonstrate cropping,  adjustments to exposure, white balance, levels, colour change (hue, saturation, luminance) as well as the benefits of sharpening and ‘dodging and burning’ (lightening and darken). 
During the evening a range of different approaches were demonstrated using software on both Window and Macs. The old favourites such Lightroom, Elements, Photoshop and Camera Raw, were well covered as were some newcomers on the block especially Affinity Pro,  and for Mac users Luminar by McPhun. Sandwiched between these were demonstration of some budget software inc the free Nik Collection (Windows and Macs) and Lyn – a new image browser and photo editor for Mac Users only – similar to Faststone popular with windows users.  
We are grateful to Trevor for building this evening into our programme particularly as it builds nicely on previous workshops this year. I am sure the club will want to do some thing similar soon.