February 2018

Club Night 1st February 2018. Presentation by Mark Mumford, FRPS

Tonight we welcomed Mark Mumford FRPS to the club for an ‘out of this world’ presentation of his photography.  It was stunning.
It’s difficult to pigeonhole Mark’s talent; indeed you’d be forgiven for thinking he might be having an identity crisis! He describes himself as Artist, Graphic Designer and Photographer but he is much more than any of these labels might suggest. He talked passionately, and with much humour, about his love for surrealism and how his creative work with the easel, camera and computer had been influenced by Dali, Bosch and Escher  – yet he has his own distinct style.
What was striking was that many of his images were based on photos of quite ordinary things – household items, crowd scenes, garage garbage etc – and then turned into something quite extraordinary – not just different but literally out of this world!
A curtain rail or a length of chrome piping might end up being manipulated many, many times, to recreate an image of human form, or of an animal such as a dog or an insect portrayed with a high degree anatomical realism.
Whilst fantasy obviously plays a strong part in Mark’s compositions many were based on more realistic scenes and especially landscapes such as a Whitford lighthouse or lifeboat battling the high seas.  Mark is clearly inspired by weather as shown with images of ‘mackerel skies’ (literally), distorted clouds and fire and thunder. Another feature of his work is his skilful use of elements of the same image reoccurring throughout his work. Burning bales of straw, for example, provided rich material for a number of images where fire was needed to add drama to the scene. 
Looking at such a range of material those watching might well have wondered how much these images were an extension of Mark’s psyche or the product of a well tuned, creative mind exploring similar influences and imagination to new limits. Dreamscapes featured highly in Mark’s work as well as political satire with a very striking image of Mickey Mouse wrapped in the flag but dressed to kill. They also incorporated a good number of ‘selfies’ of Mark many taking fun of himself and laced with irony as well as a dose of reality. 
Whatever one might think of Mark’s images there can be no doubting that he has extraordinary talents and is a master of visual representation, re-creation and of using photoshop. What we, the audience, experienced was a master class of pixel twisting. 
We are very grateful for Mark squeezing in a return visit to Cardiff Camera Club not least of which because he is shortly planning to retire from the ‘presentation circuit’.
You can see examples of Mark’s work on

Take a look at them, and to use a much-overused word, you will be amazed!