Brief History of the Club

Brief History

Cardiff Camera Club is one of the oldest camera clubs in Wales. We can track our origins to 1896 when a group of individuals decided they shared a common interest in wanting to learn more about the emerging science of photography.

The first meeting was held in the Angel Hotel on the corner of Castle Street / Westgate Street and they managed their events from an office in Bute Street. Since then its members have seen many technological advances from plate photography, film, and more recently digital photography.

1896 turned out to be a pivotal time in photographic history; colour and cinematic photography were both discovered in that year.

The Track by Dave Russell AFIAP

In many ways we have come full circle, the early 1900’s saw Kodak develop the first ‘point and shoot’ camera and although there have been many iterations regarding camera formats since then the ‘point and shoot’ camera remains a firm favourite with todays photographers.

We are very proud of our heritage but endeavour to keep pace with ever changing technology and advancements that modern photography presents. Whilst we embrace the digital age the essentials of photography (good composition, exposure, capturing light and focus control)  have changed very little.

We cater for those who use film, slides or digital, a big camera or a pocket compact, those who process their photos in a high street shop, a darkroom or on a computer, in monochrome or colour.

By joining us we are confident that whatever your camera, and whatever your style, your photographic technique and appreciation of the art of photography will improve. Indeed even if you no longer use a camera or have yet to but one you will still find a lot to enjoy by joining us

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