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Here are some  links to useful photography related sites.

Our Sponsors – A number of firms provide monetary sponsorship to the club, offer discounts, or a reward to the club for purchases. Details here.

David Rowley – A regular speaker at our club, David has a wealth of knowledge in all things PhotoShop. His site has lots of videos on editing techniques / shows etc.

Phlearn – This website has some very good PhotoShop tutorials. You should also check out their YouTube channel 

Lens Buying Guide – Some good advice available here.

Camera Simulator – This website allows you to try various camera settings to see the effect on the final image.

Free Photographic (and other) Magazines – E-Magazines to be precise. There are 8 Photo titles available via the Welsh Library Service. All you need is a library card. Use the link above and follow the rbdigital link

Pixlr – An On-line photo editor which allows you to do most of the basic editing tasks that you will need, Including resizing images for monthly competitions. Click here for the method.

PhotoJunior – We sometimes get asked if we have facilities for young photographers. Unfortunately, we cannot really accommodate younger members very easily at our meetings and the programme is designed with adults in mind. We do say they can come if accompanied by an adult.
Photojunior is a photography club based in Cardiff just for children aged 4-12 years who have a passion for creative thinking and taking photographs. They meet on Saturday mornings at locations around the city.

Natasha, the organizer, is not known to us personally, but the testimonials look good and the idea a fun one.

Bob Books offers users the ability to create personally customized, beautifully presented photobooks and printed products. There are also useful hints and tips and there is a very handy “20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners” page