NEW – Interested in coming to Lampeter?

Interested in coming to the WPF Photographic Weekend at Lampeter but would like to know more about the programme before deciding?

Well now you can. The programme has just been published on the WPF website so you can see all the details of the two days. You can go straight to it using the link

The dates are Saturday 2nd September & Sunday 3rd September 2017, but we often go on the Friday night to make a longer weekend.

Perhaps you may want to come for a day? In which case the programme will help you choose which one is most suitable.

Price? £115 for Saturday and Sunday (to include accommodation and all meals including the Convention 3 course dinner on Saturday evening. Additional B&B on Friday night is an extra £40.

If you just want to visit for the day then the cost is £35 including tea/coffee and lunch.

For more information please contact our own  Fred Davies by email at or Telephone 02920 679864.

Cymru Monochrome Print Competiton

Entries selected for the Cymru Monochrome Print Competiton 12.30pm 13th May Aberafan (Port Talbot).

Fan Frynach                                          Vic Chambers

Portrait of a Photographer                       Gordon Maclaren

Winter Glory                                          Jen

Work like a Dog but Act like a Gent         Yvette

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway Trip

Steve is planning a visit to The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (GWR) on Sunday 1st October 2017. The line runs from Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton, but is initially planning to park up at Toddington Station where ample parking space exists. Explore the station and sheds and then travel on the train, dropping off at Winchcombe and Gotherington, also looking out for photo opportunities spotted from the train.

Ticket Prices

Steve will have at least two seats available in his car possibly three. The mileage to Toddington from Cardiff is approximately 75 miles, and if I have 4 on board would work out at about a £6.70 each for fuel and the Severn Bridge Toll depend on route.

If you are interested in coming along contact Steve W.

We Need Your Prints!

The first of this year’s two print competitions will soon be with us. Please consider entering some work.

The next club print competition is on 28 August and entries should be given to Rhod, competition secretary, on or before 14 August

We ask that you keep to the Inter-club and national standard of print mount size: outer dimensions of 50x40cm.  You can print your photo any size and put it anywhere on this board; either stick it on to a plain board ‘surface mounted’ or have a ‘window’.   Buy the board for pence at a Craft store or ask someone like Cardiff Framing in Llanishen to cut a window frame for a couple of pounds

The skill of competent printing is another thing altogether.  It has been so ever since the first ever print.  We have two choices: to print ourselves or to use professional printers.  The professionals are much cheaper and will give advice, including colour correcting for you.  On the other hand if you are planning great things for yourself, learn the skills over years and see the great range you can achieve from different papers and other tweaks of your choosing.  Professionals are at Express Imaging and Davies Colour in Cardiff and Caerphilly Colour Print – get a discount by mentioning you are a member of this club.  Or go on the internet, but they will not help you as much.

In a general way I want to discuss prints with you.  Y’see, there is a perception that our membership is not keen on spending money on prints.  Is it something to do with cost and us all using computers and not needing prints at home except for our family and holiday shots?

The committee thought this was understandable but did not want to give up on prints entirely; and in response to the dwindling entries changed the format for our monthly print competitions by reducing our annual quota to two sessions a year, and inviting people to use simple mounts.

As far as the club goes this is all interrelated.  Do we want a monoculture club with only a nod toward prints?  I think not.  As el presidente I am duty bound also to observe that there is a chain reaction:  no printing leads to no monthly competitions with prints, leading to no inter-club and national competitions such as the Memorial Trophy, and maybe no Club Exhibition… and soon we are leaving Nationals to a few keen but isolated souls… you get the (horrid) theme.  In short, troops, if we become apathetic we will have a pathetic club.  It is something only the wider membership can do.  Tally ho!

Of course, this is not so hard to sort out.  I hope that every one of us will be putting in a couple of prints in our annual exhibition.  Putting images up for criticism guidance in monthly competitions will help us to refine them, either for a slight change and reprint before the exhibition, or better still just to see the stars in our collections.  The comp sec will be keeping an eye out for the pictures that stand out, and invite you to put them forward in interclub and other competitions.

Please Read – Amazon Links

Please use our Amazon link to earn money for the club.

Our Amazon Associates programme has so far earned the club about £25

If you’re considering a purchase that can be made from Amazon (and their price is good!!), then click on one of the links from our website. You don’t necessarily need to purchase straight away. If you link through from our site, what you view will be remembered and a purchase of that item within 30 days will still gain a commission for the club.

How much do we get?

It’s not a huge commission and it varies between products, but a typical return to the club will be in the region of 5% of the purchase price. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and all of the normal Amazon terms on returns etc. still apply.

There is also a promotion on their Amazon prime service and it’s associated video streaming service (Amazon bought out Lovefilm) . If you sign up for a free 30 day trial (even if you cancel after the trial ends) the club gets £5 for a trial on the full Amazon Prime and £2 on a trial of the streaming service.

So please use this facility and help your club’s finances. Just remember to go to Amazon from this site.