Please Read – Amazon Links

Please use our Amazon link to earn money for the club.

Our Amazon Associates programme has so far earned the club about £25

If you’re considering a purchase that can be made from Amazon (and their price is good!!), then click on one of the links from our website. You don’t necessarily need to purchase straight away. If you link through from our site, what you view will be remembered and a purchase of that item within 30 days will still gain a commission for the club.

How much do we get?

It’s not a huge commission and it varies between products, but a typical return to the club will be in the region of 5% of the purchase price. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and all of the normal Amazon terms on returns etc. still apply.

There is also a promotion on their Amazon prime service and it’s associated video streaming service (Amazon bought out Lovefilm) . If you sign up for a free 30 day trial (even if you cancel after the trial ends) the club gets £5 for a trial on the full Amazon Prime and £2 on a trial of the streaming service.

So please use this facility and help your club’s finances. Just remember to go to Amazon from this site.