Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway Trip

Steve is planning a visit to The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (GWR) on Sunday 1st October 2017. The line runs from Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton, but is initially planning to park up at Toddington Station where ample parking space exists. Explore the station and sheds and then travel on the train, dropping off at Winchcombe and Gotherington, also looking out for photo opportunities spotted from the train.

Ticket Prices

Steve will have at least two seats available in his car possibly three. The mileage to Toddington from Cardiff is approximately 75 miles, and if I have 4 on board would work out at about a £6.70 each for fuel and the Severn Bridge Toll depend on route.

If you are interested in coming along contact Steve W.