Welcome to Cardiff Camera Club

Thank you for visiting the official homepage of Cardiff Camera Club one of the oldest camera clubs in Wales. Although the club was founded in 1896 and while we are very proud of our heritage we endeavor to keep pace with the ever changing technology and advancements that modern photography presents.

Please check out our site, view the events that we have planned, use our contacts page or FAQ’s if you would like more information, or just come along to our clubroom at Rumney Partnership Hub, Llanstephan Road, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 3JA

Our regular meetings start at 7.30pm and last for 2 hours. On becoming a full member you will be able to.

  • Join our Facebook Group     FB Logo
  • Experience a 51 week programme of meetings
  • Access club equipment and books
  • Use our web gallery
  • Enjoy a great social scene with like minded people
  • Participate in club trips, workshops and photo-shoots
  • Find out about some of the functions on your camera
  • Get feedback on your pictures
  • Enter club and national competitions
  • Receive advice on achieving recognized awards
  • Learn to take better pictures

I look forward to meeting you in the clubroom soon.

Steve Willcocks

President 2015/16

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