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This  page will contain copies of all club notices and other relevant news that would otherwise have been placed on the club’s noticeboard in the clubroom. Please make sure you check it regularly and particularly just for before a club night or club event in case there been any unforeseen change of plan. If you have a message for club members email Steve or  Michael 

 Cardiff Camera Club 
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8th January Message from the President: Reminder of Club Outing (Exhibition 

and Photoshoot).

The Club is arranging a visit to Bristol on Saturday 10th February to see the  

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 Exhibition, and to do some photography close by. The suggested itinerary is …
Travel to Bristol by car or cars (Suggest arrival at 10:30am approx 60 mins on a good day fro Cardiff) Share Fuel and Toll costs.
Park at Millenium Square Car Park, Canons Way, Bristol BS1 5LL. Fewer Cars the better to save on Parking cost. May be cheaper parking further afield.
1hr £2.50
2hr £3.50
4hr £6.50
6hr £9.00
8hr £12.00
(For info the cheapest P+R ticket from the Portway is £3 per person or £9 for up to 5 Adults.
Walk to ‘M’ Shed to view Exhibition. (8 Minute Walk). Entrance £6 and £5 for over 65’s identification required. Although £1 of this is for some fundraising idea and not compulsory.
Suggest lunch then photo-shoot around Bristol Historic Docks and Cumberland Basin.The Water Taxi may be an option for those not wishing to walk. Possibly then to Clifton Suspension Bridge with sunset at 5:20pm, for those with the stamina!
Note The SS Great Britain is nearby but this will cost you another £14, I have done the tour a couple of times and love it, but then Brunel is my Hero! Perhaps one for another day?
Please confirm if you think you are coming along and indicate if you are prepared to drive and how many passengers you are prepared to take.

5th January – Results of ad hoc competition
The results of our ad hoc seasonal calendar competition can be seen here.

1st January 2018 – Club Resources for Members To Use.
Dave Brown our Equipment Officer has recently updated the equipment list showing all the items which can be loaned out to paid up club members. The list has also been placed on the website in the members only area.