2017 November Notices

Notice Board – November 2017 (Archive) 

Copy of email message from the Competition Secretary: 6th November 2017:  Battle Results 
As many of you know the Club has taken part in 3 inter club battles recently.  One at Barry, Pixels which was against against 38 clubs – mostly from Wales,  and lastly one at Bridgend against 4 other clubs. You can find details how well we did and the scores given for each image entered on the club website.  

Goto www.cardiffcameraclub.co.uk 

Select the  Members Only Area   |   then select Competition matters   |   then Battles   |  then Battles Records.
You should then be presented with a blue spreadsheet. You will find it easier to read if you click on it and activate the zoom control underneath. 
As you will see the club did not fare well in any of the Battles. That is not to say that the images let us down but rather that we faced some very strong competition each time  – especially in the print sections. 
I have no doubt that the committee will want to review our performance generally and put in place a strategy for upping our game. 
I am grateful to those members who allowed us to use their images. Whilst losing is always disappointing the important thing is taking part and learning from the experience as we surely will.
Our next Battle will be against Newport on the 23rd November which i am sure will be a much closer thing 
Comp Sec 

Copy of email message from the Web-organiser; 4th November 2017
“Just a quick note to let you know that the programme which Trevor has been working extremely hard on can now be seen on the website under the Programme tab or the Upcoming Events link ) both of which can be accessed from the clubs home page. If there are any errors please let me know.
You will also find details of other upcoming events including Committee meetings and Competition Nights and Competition entry deadlines. These currently go up to the end of June but will be updated soon to cover the rest of the year. 
The committee work hard to keep you up to date with news about significant events and the programme (including any unforeseen changes of plan ) so please make sure you regularly look at the programme and the club notice board (which is on the website) as changes do sometime occur and updates to these are given priority.
Also,  if you have not looked at the website for a while you might also like to know that … 
1  A summary of club night activity is placed on the website each week (usually immediately after club night closure) mainly to inform those who missed it of what has taken place see . Quite often these summaries include additional information including links to the speakers own website and to any locations, organisations, software that the speaker may have referred to in their talk/presentation. These summaries are organised by month – see bottom of home page http://www.cardiffcameraclub.co.uk
2 Club members who need access to details about South Wales camera club venues can find them in the members only areas see
3  They’re have been some recent additions to members galleries so please take a look at them. If you want some of your images to appear on the website please let me know, or alternatively send me the images.
4 If you still need help to access the members area of the website please let mer now. You can get in touch with me by using the compsec@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk email address or, alternatively, michaelcardiffcc@gmail.com  

Web Organiser
Sent by email to all club members

Message from Club President: 2nd November – Image call
On November the 23rd we are hosting our annual battle with Newport at the club, Michael will be selecting the image for this battle very soon.  
We have seen some great images on social media over the last 6 months, including some from our field trips and we would love it if you could send some of these to Michael for inclusion into our stock of images for various competitions. 
If you are not on Facebook don’t worry if you have images that you would like to submit please do.
Please resize images to our normal competition format and send them as attachments to compsec@cardiffcameraclub.co.uk (reminder that this address has changed very slightly from last year), or direct to Michael Barnes michaelcardiffcc@gmail.com
Alternatively bring them into the clubroom next week on a memory stick. Many Thanks

Message from Club President: 2nd November Great News from Glamorgan Archive Office
“I’m writing with regards the Cardiff Camera Club Records held at Glamorgan Archives.As you may be aware, VCS Cymru are currently undertaking a project, Chronicle: History of Volunteering in Cardiff, in partnership with Glamorgan Archives, to explore the history of volunteering in Cardiff over the past 100 years.  The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  As part of the project, volunteers are digitising relevant items from the Glamorgan Archives collection which will then be made available through the project website and the People’s Collection Wales 
These include extracts from the minutes of Cardiff Camera Club deposited at Glamorgan Archives (ref.: DCAM1).  I’m sure you will be pleased to learn of their inclusion in the project but, if you have any objections to their use, please do contact me here at the Archives. Kind regards, GAO”

Message from the Club President: 1st November 2017- Vale Camera Club
We have received the following message from the Nick Craddock, Chairman of the Vale Photographic Club stating that the presentations we made to the club last week were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by our members. As well as being varied and interesting talks it was so nice to meet your members with fresh and interesting ideas for our members to think about.