2017 October Notices

Notice Board – October 2017 (Archive)

Message from President:
Committee Meeting on 17th October – update
(The following notes are intended to provide feedback for members and do not represent the formal minutes of the meeting)

The President welcomed the new Committee to their first meeting of the season.  Six members were present with apologies from two others.
A number of items were discussed including matters arising from the AGM and finance. It was reported the change of signatories was in hand and would be completed as a priority.  
 The following was also discussed .. 

    • upcoming battles and the difficulty in getting a large enough pool of images (especially prints) to enter.
    • the action being taken to chase up our outstanding invoice for the rental costs of using the Hub. 
    • the need to develop a new trophy strategy as many of the club’s old trophies had become obsolete or unserviceable.  About 8  to 10 could still be used. It was agreed that an inventory would be taken of all past trophy winners; this list would be placed on the website (in the ‘members only’ area). It would also be deposited at the Record Office. 
    • whether or not there was a need to change the system for the raffle. After some discussion it was agreed to maintain the present system which the vice President offered to undertake until a replacement could be found. 
    • how best to update the club’s inventory of its resources and to dispose of items which were of no value, or of little practical help to members.
    • how best to dispose of some camera equipment kindly donated to the club which has now been listed and valued. It was decided that club members would first be given an opportunity to buy the equipment at a cost below its current market value with all reasonable offers being accepted. If however the amount offered proved to be unreasonable the club will present the equipment en bloc to a suitable Auction House. The proceeds would then be used for the benefit of the club members. Depending on the amount raised a donation to charity would;d be considered.
The main items of discussion were the Programme for the year and the year and Competitions
The Programme Secretary indicated that he would like the programme geared more towards servicing the forthcoming exhibition with an emphasis on developing ‘artistic imagery’, the programme should also support the general improvement of photographic standards. but also to ensure that members felt entertained on club nights. There was a general consensus that last years programme proved to be popular especially during the summer period when there were a lot of workshops and photo-shoots organised. Some of the committee did express some disappointment that some (but certainly not all) of the presenters this last year were disappointing and lacked quality photographic content.  Members present were once again asked to let the Programme Secretary know of their ideas, and in particular,  any recommendations for future club nights.
The Competition Secretary gave a brief summary how he would like his role to develop and suggested that now would be a good opportunity to review competition arrangements generally. In particular he suggested that there was a need to update the club’s competition rules, make it easier for members to enter competitions, ensure that all scores in monthly competitions be included in the club’s league tables, and that the league table was kept up to date and was accessible to members. He also suggested there was a need for some fun ‘ad hoc’ competitions which would not necessarily result in league table points being awarded but would enable people to compete in a safe way without being fearful of what a judge might say. A discussion document was handed round which will be discussed more fully next month. 
The meeting closed at 9:50pm with President thanking those present for their attendance and ideas.

Message from President: Print entries for the 5 Way Battle
Venue: Bridgend Camera Club
Date: Monday 6th November commencing 7:30pm (prompt)
Judge: Kevin Thomas, FRPS, President of Gwynfa Camera Club

Transport: Lifts available. Please contact Michael asap. 
 We congratulate the successful entrants and wish them all the best for what usually is a hard fought competition. 
Cardiff Camera Club
Entries for 5 Way Battle hosted by Bridgend Camera Club
Kidwelly Harbour Stephen Willcocks
Dead Harebell
Lyndsey  Richards
Cardiff Bay (Sunset)
Andre Van De Sande
Seeing the Light
Michael Barnes
Red Pillars
Jeff Howe
Painted Orb
Dean Pine


Message from Competition Secretary: 15th October 2017
Upcoming Battles: 
Click to find details of all Upcoming Battles which the Club is committed to. Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions. 
Audio Visuals: There is a brief description of Megan’s presentation on Audio Visuals in the ‘Focus on Club Nights‘ section of the website. It also includes some direct links to the software she mentioned (Audacity and ProShow) as well as to some others – including Lightroom.

3 Messages from President: 9th October 2017. AGM/Image Trawl/Notices
AGM Feedback: For those who missed it there is a brief report on the AGM in the members area of the web site.

Image Trawl: We would like some images for the website taken by club members on a recent photoshoot organised by the club including our visit to GWR at Toddingtron. Can you please send them to michael asap.

 Club Notices: Don’t forget all club notices now appear on the the club website here

These are set out (and archived) on a monthly basis.

Message from Web Organiser: AGM and Web Site
For those who missed it a brief summary of the AGM can be found here. Can I also make an appeal for members to send me some images taken on recent club activities for inclusion on the website. Thankyou.

Message from the President: Committee Meeting: 
The next committee meeting will take place on 10th October 2017 at the Hub commencing 7:30pm 


Message from the Competition Secretary – Tuesday the 3rd October. 
 Nikon Users. David Lingham has kindly provided the following information which will be of interest to Nikon Users. The camera Repair shop place in Bristol he referred to in his recent talk is called Black on White, (not Black and White), and Nikon F2 specialist is Sover Won