Social Media Connections

A quick trawl through Google shows that there are a number of sites associated with Cardiff Camera Club but be warned some are a little dated and have been set up by friends of the club rather than by the club itself. 
Our main official social media connection is a Facebook group here. This is an open group and well supported. The club also has a critique group which its used for on-line competition. 
Other social media connections …
  • Twitter
    @CardiffCamera Although it has over 200 followers, the majority of which are other camera club/photographic societies and commercial organisation, there have been very few tweets in the last year. 
  • Flikr
    There is a fairly active Cardiff Camera Club Flikr group with over 150 members. The photographs are well worth looking at if you want tips on composition 
    There is also a Cardiff Camera Project Group which appears to be inactive 
Caution: If you are considering using social media and upload photos to their sites it is important you read their terms and conditions. You may unwittingly be giving them permission for your images tbe used  by third parties, including commercial companies, even though you retain the copyright.