Cardiff Camera Club

Annual General Meeting

Each year the club holds an AGM – usually the first Thursday  in October. 

Nakatani Pulls Away by Dave Russell AFIAP


Relevant information will circulated nearer the time. and will be made available to member in accordance with the club’s Constitution.  This will include …

  1. Formal Noticeof AGM
  2. AGM Agenda
  3. President’s Report 
  4.  Accounts (Statement of Income and Expenditure)
  5. Nominations for Committee (If more than one nomination is received for a position the matter will be determined by a vote)
  6. Election of Officers (i.e. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Competitions Secretary, and up to three additional Committee Members)
  7. Election of Auditor
  8. Setting of the annual subscription for the next Club Year
  9. Consideration of any resolution(s) submitted by a club member subject to it being supported on the night by a proposer and at least 2 other members.


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