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AGM 2017 Notes

Club Night 5th October 2017. AGM – Brief Summary of evening

The secretary opened the meeting and explained the process.

The first item on the Agenda were the minutes of the AGM held in 2016. These were approved without amendment.

The next item was a report by the President outlining the challenges the club faced and its achievements during the past year. The President started off by thanking the Committee for all their hard work during the past year, and also those members who help in other ways to make the club what it is.

In his address he was pleased to report that following transfer to its new premises in Rumney membership levels had remained broadly similar to  previous years. Some members who had left the area had been lost but this was more than made up by new members joining including a good number very local to the club. The Committee had worked very had to develop a programme to meet members needs and to include more workshops and photo shoots during the season including some off site. Competitions had generally gone well although entrants to the print sections had dropped a little. The Club had also taken part in some external competitions with other clubs with mixed results. A plea was made for more members to attend these occasions partly to support our own entrants and partly  because it provided a very good opportunity for members to sample images from different clubs. 

The President announced that several of the existing committee were retiring or transferring to different positions but that sufficient members had volunteered to take their place on a new committee however the club still needed more females to take an active part in the running of the club.  There was also a useful discussion on what form the club exhibition might take next year. The general consensus was that we should try and do something different and possible more on the creative side. 

The Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer’s reports (circulated) indicated that the club finances were in a healthy position and expenditure broadly matched income however one invoice for a significant amount (£500+) remained outstanding.  On this basis it was unanimously agreed by all those present that their should be no increase in the membership fee. 

Auditors Report: The Auditor reported that she had examined the accounts and found them in good order. Apart the outstanding invoice all debts had been paid and she was satisfied that the income and expenditure gave a true reflection of the club’s business activities and financial position. 

Elections: A new Committee was elected (unanimously) in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution.

A new Committee was elected in October 2017 in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution. 

  • President: Steve Willcocks proposed by Vic Chambers
  • Vice-President: Dean Pine proposed by Steve Willcocks
  • Secretary: Jeff Howe proposed Vic Chambers
  • Treasurer: Toby Richards proposed by Lynsey Richards
  • Programme Secretary: Trevor Waller proposed by Steve Willcocks
  • Competitions Secretary: Michael Barnes proposed by Dave Barton
  • Committee Member 1: Dave Russell proposed by Trevor Waller
  • Committee Member 2: Dave Brown proposed by Dean Pine
  • Committee Member 3: Andre Vande Sande proposed by Tim Stephens

Resoloutions: The Secretary reported that although no resolutions had been submitted to the club members were welcome to raises any issues of concern. None were forthcoming. 

Awards: Details of the end of season awards were announced in both the beginners and the advanced sections in both the digital and print  media.

Gold Section: Winner Rhodri, Runner Up, Trevor
Silver: Section: Winner: Dean Pine, Runner Up, Dave Brown

Gold Section: Winner Jen, Runner Up, Michael
Silver: Section: Winner: Dave Brown, Runner Up, Atul

Overall Winners:
Gold: Michael
Silver: Dave

Congratulations to all concerned

Vote of Thanks: A vote of thanks was proposed from the floor for the President and the the Committee. These were passed unanimously. 

Close: There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:20

Please note:
The above is a brief summary of the AGM. Draft minutes of the meeting giving more detail will be available in due course and will appear in the members only area. 



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