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Insurance Cover

Castle Combe taken by Jeff Howe

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The club benefits from insurance through its  affiliation  to the ‘Photographic Alliance of Great Britain’ and our membership of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

The PAGB have arranged dedicated insurance cover with Darwin Clayton (UK) Ltd.
Broadly speaking the cover includes …
1. Building cover where clubs own their own buildings
2. All Risks Cover for equipment owned by the club or loaned to the club if used in the UK or Europe.
3. Trustee Indemnity i.e Legal Defense costs for those running the club.

There is a responsibility on the club to exercise due diligence especially, but not exclusively, to make sure equipment is kept secure when not in use.

Members should note this policy does not include  cover for any personal equipment belonging to members except where such equipment is loaned to the club to fulfill its programme.

If you require further information about this policy details of the cover can be found at http://www.darwinclayton.co.uk/insurance-products/photographers

Click here for more information about additional insurance cover provided by the PAGB

Finally, members are strongly advised to obtain their own dedicated insurance cover for their own equipment, and to check that any such cover meets their requirements.

Always check your existing building and contents insurance to discover the extent to which your equipment is covered in the house, outdoor and especially overseas.

You may also find that your bank provides insurance cover for cameras including equipment at significantly lower rates than might be charged by an insurance broker.

Please be aware

Cover is only provided for club members when involved in club activities. If you are not a paid up member of the club you will not be covered by this insurance. Similarly if you are participating in an activity which falls out side of the club’s remit you will not be covered. 

If you are intending to, or participating in, a privately arranged activity with fellow club members please contact the club secretary who will confirm whether you are covered by the club’s insurance cover.  

Club members are advised to take out dedicated camera insurance as an extension of any house and contents policy they may have. If you do not have any such insurance you might like to consider  obtaining  ‘on-demand’ day by day product insurance from Trov (underwritten by Axa).


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