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A Battle is a name given to a competition between 2 or more camera clubs.  The battle may be on home territory or at an away venue and may not take place on a club night. Some Battles are regionally organised by the Welsh Photographic Federation.

Battle competitions may be either digital, just prints, or a combination of both. Some Battles cater for ‘beginners’ as well as more experienced photographers. In most battles, images are scored out of a maximum of 20.

Generally speaking, Cardiff Camera Club uses images that have done well in club competitions, however, club members can also submit other images of their own for consideration.

The following entries have been selected to represent the club in a Battle. 

This season …

  • 23 different photographers have has images selected
  • 55 different images have been selected in total
  • The vast majority of these images were selected for the first time
  • 9 images have gained maximum marks (20)
  • 9 images gained 19 marks

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Members NoTitleBarryBarryPixel PrintBridgend 5ChellsRhiwbinaRhiwbinaNewportNewportNewportTimes UsedTitle
AP 380Lakeland View161Lakeland View
AP 380Wizards Wood171Wizards Wood
AVS 418Cardiff Bay (sunset)16172Cardiff Bay (sunset)
AVS 418Dunvegan Castle171Dunvegan Castle
AVS 418Merchant Seaman’s Memorial18172Merchant Seaman’s Memorial
AVS 418Penarth Pier (01)1916193Penarth Pier (01)
AVS 418Spring Colours181Spring Colours
BMcK 422Sally Lightfoot’s Crab1918183Sally Lightfoot’s Crab
BMcK 422Surfs Up201Surfs Up
CC 432Misty Morning171Misty Morning
DBrwn 413Poppies161Poppies
AP 380Break in the Cloud171Break in the Cloud
DBtn 430Whizz Bang Caerphilly201Whizz Bang Caerphilly
DP 411Painted Orb2015173Painted Orb
DP 411Somewhere Out There161Somewhere Out There
DP 411The Buttress171The Buttress
DR 94Coal Tit on Hawthorn161Coal Tit on Hawthorn
DR 94Millstones at Stanage Edge161Millstones at Stanage Edge
DR 94Tuscan Scene171Tuscan Scene
IG 242From Darker Days161From Darker Days
JC 254Scruffy (mono)1817173Scruffy (mono)
JC 254Griffy (mono)181Griffy (mono)
JG 387Cardiff Bay (rain)171Cardiff Bay (rain)
JG 387Penarth Pier (02)191Penarth Pier (02)
JH 419Christmas Fog161Christmas Fog
JH 419On an Island171On an Island
JH 419Red Pillars15172Red Pillars
JH 419Tractor in the Dust181Tractor in the Dust
JH 419Make A Wish201Make A Wish
LR 365Dead Harebell (mono)1520173Dead Harebell (mono)
MB 420Great Crested Grebe161Great Crested Grebe
MB 420Kingfisher Portrait (study of …19192Kingfisher Portrait (study of …
MB 420Morning Has Broken201Morning Has Broken
MB 420Ripples Everywhere171Ripples Everywhere
MB 420Seeing the Light (mono)1816173Seeing the Light (mono)
MB 420Thats Breakfast Sorted201Thats Breakfast Sorted
NS 429Picnic161Picnic
PR 392Chaffinch191Chaffinch
PR 392Got my Eyes on You (owl) (m&c)20192Got my Eyes on You (owl) (m&c)
PR 392Japaneze Anenome18192Japaneze Anenome
RL 320Juvenile Ringed Plover171Juvenile Ringed Plover
SC 408Snow Queen171Snow Queen
SW 285Kidwelly Harbour1716173Kidwelly Harbour
SW 285Monument to Industry181Monument to Industry
SW 285Railway Equality161Railway Equality
TB 366Red Dragon Centre191Red Dragon Centre
TS 412Megalith181Megalith
TW 264Bishop of London181Bishop of London
TW 264Boatbuilder201Boatbuilder
TW 264Imperious Reds181Imperious Reds
TW 264Odeon Cinema171Odeon Cinema
TW 264The Hon. Chapati Maker (mono)1715183The Hon. Chapati Maker (mono)
VC 296Auditorium Ceiling161Auditorium Ceiling
VC 296Carew Castle171Carew Castle
VC 296Demoiselle Agrion1916203Demoiselle Agrion
Members NoTitleBarryBarryPixel PrintBridgend 5ChellsRhiwbinaRhiwbinaNewportNewportNewportTimes UsedTitle
MediaPrintDPIPrintPrintPrintDPIPrintPrintDPIDPI- n/c





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