Cardiff Camera Club

Competition Rules

  1. The competitions will be open to paid-up club members only.
  2. The competition will have two categories: Prints (both Colour and Monochrome) and Digital Projected Images (DPI).
  3. The club will have two sections named Gold and Silver for competition purposes. Members will have the option at the beginning of the competition year (October) of placing themselves in one of these groups. The only exception to this is that members holding photographic distinctions shall automatically be placed in the Gold section. Judges will be requested to provide a more sympathetic critique of Silver section images. The membership should note that changing groups during the competition year will not be allowed.
  4. There will be eight monthly league competitions in the club year, between October and June. The competitions will consist of four DPI rounds to be held in Oct, Jan, Mar, May, with print rounds held in Nov, Feb, Apr and July. The March and June competitions will be Set Subject. There will also be an end of year competition in September for the “Print of the Year” and “DPI of the Year” titles
  5. Each member may submit a maximum of four entries in each monthly DPI competition and three entries in a print competition. A sequence number indicating the preference of display.
  6. Entries shall be anonymous (See Rule 9). Photographers will be identified by their membership number, which will be allocated by the Treasurer when joining the club.

Entries shall be as follows:-

  1. Prints may be of any size. All prints should be mounted on card, ideally 50 x 40 cm in size (but no larger than this) and should bear on the reverse side the membership number of the author and a title by which that entry may be identified.
  2. Colour prints are defined as ones which contain additional colours in addition to basic monochromatic tones.
  3. Monochrome prints are defined as ones which contain no additional colour in addition to basic monochromatic tones or tints, but may have an overall tone. For example a sepia toned print is classed as monochrome.
  4. Digital entries should be no more than 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high. The entry should be saved as a large JPEG no more than 2.2Mb in size. The file should be saved with a filename comprising:- Sequence No_Title_ Member No.  The 3 parts being separated by underscores.

      e.g. “2_Landscape at Brecon_177.jpg”. indicates an image which called “Landscape at Brecon” which is by member  no 177 and is the second of their entries to be displayed

  1. A particular image (or near duplicate) may not be used more than once in any given club year. The submission of old work is to be discouraged. A digital image and a print made from it (or near duplicate) will count as one image.
  2. If the total number of entries in the competition is deemed by the Internal Competition Secretary to be more than the judge could be reasonably expected to consider, he/she may reduce the entry from each member. The sequence number will be used to indicate the member’s order of preference
  1. The entries should be given or emailed to the Internal Competition Secretary no later than the club night two weeks before the date of the competition.
  2. The judge will be asked to comment on each of the entries and mark it out of 20. The photographer of the image will be announced after the score has been given. The judge will also be asked to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Any photographer wishing to have their name withheld should suffix their membership number with an X when submitting their images.
  3. For league purposes the monthly score awarded to the member will be the total of the highest two scores awarded to their entries.
  4. Trophies will be awarded at the end of the season to the member who has the highest total when their monthly scores in that section are added together. Should this result in a tie, the winner will be the member with the highest number of 1st places. If this does not resolve the issue, the number of 2nd and 3rd places will be considered followed by the number of 20’s 19’s etc.
  5. Use of images. The club may like to use images entered in internal competitions or exhibitions in its publicity material, on its website and in external inter club competitions. The club will not use such images for revenue generation and copyright will remain with the photographer. If you are not happy to have your work used in this way please inform the Competition Secretary in writing at the time of submitting your image.

October 2018



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