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Important Information for Club Members: this affects all club members.


From time to time images (including digital copies of prints) which have been entered into club competitions and/or chosen for an external battle may be used to populate sections of this website.

The main sections are …

  1. Battle Galleries showcasing images selected for Battle. These may include digital copies of selected prints
  2. Competition Galleries showcasing images entered into club competitions. Competition Galleries may also indicate scores obtained.
  3. Members Galleries showing images taken by individual club members. These do not necessarily have to be images entered into competitions.

Some individual images may also be used to add context to other sections of this website.

Presumed Consent:

It will be assumed that club members have no objection to any of their images being shown. However if you would prefer that any (or none) of your images are shown then please let a web organiser, or the competition secretary know.  

If you cease to be a club member any images you have uploaded to your personal gallery may be removed. If, after leaving the club, you no longer want them to remain on this website it is your responsibility to make this clear.

The web organiser(s) reserve the right not to use any image which a member has requested be placed in a gallery if it is considered unsuitable or inappropriate.


Wherever possible the title of the image and the name of the person who took the image(s) will be indicated. If you would prefer that your name is not identified please let a web organiser know.


Whilst measures have been taken to prevent unauthorised downloading of images placed on this site there is always a risk that the security measures we have in place may be circumvented.

The measure we have taken to minimise this risk include …

  • right click protection so images cannot be downloaded from the site.
  • ensuring images on this website do not exceed a maximum of 1400x 1050 pixels. (Images of this size would generally be regarded as being too small for any intending thief to download for commercial gain.)
  • placing a copyright warning throughout the website.

Members are also strongly advised to place a watermark on their images in the form of © [members name] [year]. 

Always ensure that you keep a copy on your own computer of any image uploaded to this site.

Members’ Galleries:

  1. Club members are encouraged to make use of the option of having their own gallery on this site.
  2. Members who wish to do so should, in the first instance, contact a web organiser who will tell you what you need to do if you wish to have a gallery created for you. 
  3. Members may (within reason) have as many online galleries as they wish. For example you might wish to create separate galleries for nature, landscape, travel, mono, or for different genres etc.
  4. You can (within reason) have as many images as you wish in your gallery however we suggest a limit of not more than 16 images in any single gallery as higher numbers adversely affect the viewing experience.
  5. Image size: The maximum image size allowed is 1400x 1050 pixels. 
  6. Images should be sent as JPEG files and saved to the SRGB colour space.
  7. Always make sure you keep a copy of your original image and of your resized image.

Important Exceptions:

  1.  You must not submit any copyrighted image (other than your own) for inclusion in a gallery.
  2. You must not submit any image that contains pornography, is culturally offensive, or has been taken in unlawful circumstances.

Photographers Rights and Responsibilities:

  1. As a club member you are expected to behave in a correct and ethical manner – see photographers rights and responsibilities.
  2. It is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure that, where necessary, you have obtained a signed image release of any images taken of individuals including, in particular, children.
  3. The Royal Photographic Society  has commissioned a Model Release Form which has been made available to Society members and the public as part of its objectives of supporting photographers.
  4. If you are considering placing images of children in a gallery your attention is drawn to Safeguarding Guidance for Photographers issued by the NSPCC

Next Steps:

  1. Club members who wish to showcase some of their own images on the club site should select a maximum of 16 of their favourites and save them to a cd/dvd or memory stick, and then hand them to a web organiser, either Michael or Dave
  2.  The images may be in landscape format, portrait mode or even square, in colour or in mono. 
  3. Please bear in mind that there is quite a lot of work involved in creating galleries but we would hope to have them online within a week. 
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