Cardiff Camera Club

Competing at a Higher Level

When you become a more experienced photographer and have been successful in club and regional competitions you might wish to test your progress by entering international salons.

Iron Faces by Dave Russell (above) has been accepted by four international salons

What is a Salon

A salon is basically exhibition in which individuals from clubs all over the world submit entries in the hope that they might ‘accepted’ or perhaps receive an award for best in a category. Most are digital competitions but some are print only. 

Most salons have three or four categories usually ‘open colour’, ‘monochrome’ and ‘nature/wildlife’ The fourth category might include ‘travel’, ‘creative, ‘portrait’ etc. It cost about £10 to enter a single category and about £20 to enter four (prices vary). Sometimes several thousand images are entered of which about 25% are accepted (it varies). 

If you are a good club photographer its well worth entering a salon. It’s a real thrill to  have your image accepted and to see your name listed among the successful entrants 

What are Distinctions 

Distinctions are awarded by national bodies often on an incremental scale. Some are awarded independently of salon acceptances and some are only awarded when you have accumulated a certain number of acceptances.

An alternative is advancement via the academic route



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