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Transferring Images to Your Computer

There are several different ways to transfer images from your camera to a computer. To some extent this will depend on you camera model, whether you use Windows or Mac . Before you attempt to do you should always read your camera manual. 

Golden Gate taken by Jeff Howe

First  you’ll need a photo software program. Most camera manufacturers include on with their camera. Whilst these maybe basic they will do the job. Alternatively there are many

If you don’t have one it may be  possible to …

  1. Copy your images direct from your camera via your cameras memory card  (typically by inserting the cameras memory card into a card reader on your computer or attached to it). Some cameras allow you to transfer images using a USB cable.
  2.  Generally speaking you will need to store your images on your my pictures  folder unless you have set up  prior arrangement to do so via a cloud setting.
  3.  You can also load them up to via the internet using I-tunes (or similar) 
For further information see instructions for your specific your camera maker
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