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Newport at Night taken by Jeff Howe

Camera (and lens) repairs can be expensive so check warranty, house insurance and bank insurance to see if they cover your for loss a or damage to  your camera. 

If you are not covered take your camera to a reusable local shop for their advice. They may advise that is not economic to repair or send it to a specialist repairer for a quote. 


  • Cameraland
  • Camera Centre
  • Jessops in store repairs
  • For lens repairs Camera Lens Repair in Cardiff is probably your first port of call. The Lens Buying Guide might help if you have to buy another.
  • The various camera and lens manufacturers will all have their own repair centres.
  • Alternatively send it to a recognised repair and service centre such as Fixation who are based in London. They provide free estimates and sometime a free condition report.  Check your camera manufacturer’s website to see who they recommend. 


Its only when you have an expensive repair that realise insurance could be a been option. There are a number of dedicated camera insurance companies including TROV who unlike the others will let you take out camera insure just for a day or very short term. Great for giving piece of mind when you are on holiday or overseas. 


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