Cardiff Camera Club

Where Can I Get My Pictures Printed?

You can, of course, make your own prints, and many members do, but you can get an awful lot of prints done commercially for the cost of a good photo printer.

There are plenty of print shops available on line, but we like to encourage members to use local firms. However its generally best to steer clear of High Street companies as they are expensive unless you need a quick turnaround.

California taken by Jeff Howe

One of the best in Cardiff, in our opinion, is Davies Colour at the Digital Photo Centre, East Tyndall Street, Cardiff CF24 5EF. They are a professional lab and produce excellent quality prints at a reasonable price (with a discount to our members).

Express Imaging,  an independently owned photographic specialist in Cardiff run by photographers, for photographers at 172-174 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JF (with a discount to our members).

Jessops are also very help and will give a discount on production of you membership card.

Alternatively several of our members use DCL (Digital Colour Labs) based in Manchester. They have an easy to use web site for uploading, are very quick to respond, and extremely competitive.  They also do ‘fine printing’ if you need something special


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