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Resources for Hire / Loan

Skomer Photo Shoot by Jeff Howe

The club has various items of Photographic Equipment which are available for hire or loan.  If you want to borrow any items, please speak to our equipment officer.

These items are available to all fully paid up members and who have been vetted by MI5.Loans are free, BUT any donations to the club are always appreciated.

The Pentax equipment come as one lot in a bag. You have to have the bag even if you only want one bit. 

The items will appear as if by magic at the next club meeting

 Cardiff Camera Club
Resources Available for Loan

Light standoo1Junior
Light standoo2SW
Logan mat cutteroo3SW
Flash Reflectoroo4SW
Flash Reflectoroo5SW
Flash Reflectoroo6SW
Flash Reflectoroo7SW
Flash Reflectoroo8SW
Flash Reflectoroo9SW
Flash Reflectoro10SW
Long snoot boxedo11SW
Long snooto12SW
Large reflectoro13SW
Large reflectoro14SW
Large diffusero15SW
Large dangling diffusero16SW
Flash reflectoro18SW
Brown backgroundo19??
Mottled backgroundo20??
Honeycomb adaptor ringo21SW
Honeycomb adaptor ringo22SW
Elinchrom 1500 pair (cased)o23Junior
Elinchrom 500 Pair SW
Modelling dish&deflectoro25Junior
Diagonal snooto26SW
Warming gelso27SW
Tilt & shifto28PR
Canon 400Do29PR
Canon x1.4 extendero30Gavin
Coolslide scannero31??
Canon x2 extendero33PR
White backgroundo34DR


Studio Lights44SW
African Safari Book PR
Seeing in B&W book PR
Capturing light book PR
Composition book PR
Photograph Weather bk PR
Books Old Club Stock SW
Zyon Light System SW


Tamarac Camera Bag Containing

Filter Size

Kit List  
Pentax K3 Body  
K3 Operating Manual  
2 Batteries  
Battery Charger & Lead  
Lens Cap & Body Cap  
Cable Release  
Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 & Lens Hood  
77mm UV Filter


Attached to Lens
77mm Polarising Filter  
Pentax 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 & Lens Hood

62 mm

Attached to K3 Body
62 mm UV Filter Attached to Lens
62mm Polarising Filter  
Pentax 55mm F1.4 & Hood


58mm UV Filter Attached to Lens
Pentax Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5  
Lens Cap & Body Cap  
Sigma 600mm F8 Manual Lens & Hood


95mm Skylight Filter Attached to Lens
4 Piece Slot in Filter Kit for 600mm Lens  
Pentax AF-360FGZ Flash Flash Heads
Flash Diffuser Wireless compatible
Flash Instructions (Laminated) Essential Info Only
Pentax AF-540FGZ Flash  
Flash Diffuser  
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