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November 2018 Prints

These are the results from our print competition on 22 November 2018, judged by Gareth Martin

The gallery above shows the top placed images

Mem NoMember TitleMarkBest 2
94Dave Russell [2] The Ford at Laycock1836
94Dave Russell [3] Museum Steps18 
94Dave Russell [1] Door Detail, Kilpeck Church17 
264Trevor Waller [1] Hawkshead Hummingbird Moth drinking nectar1937
264Trevor Waller [2] The Eventer18 
264Trevor Waller [3] Wasp Defending its Food18 
285Stephen Willcocks [1] Don’t Drink The Water1836
285Stephen Willcocks [2] Musical Mystery18 
285Stephen Willcocks [3] Nanny’s Room17 
380Ann Phillips [2] Shoreline1834
380Ann Phillips [1] Dappled16 
380Ann Phillips [3] Castle in the air16 
411Dean Pine [1] Dad said no!1629
411Dean Pine [2] Dappled Light13 
413Dave Brown [2] Draculas House1631
413Dave Brown [3] Reflections15 
413Dave Brown [1] Castle at dusk14 
418Andre Van De Sande [3] Scott Memorial1937
418Andre Van De Sande [1] Dunnock18 
418Andre Van De Sande [2] Loch Nan Uamh17 
419Jeff Howe [2] Give me your answer do2037
419Jeff Howe [3] Patterns in nature17 
419Jeff Howe [1] Stand up straight16 
422Barry McKeever [1] Cheetah1937
422Barry McKeever [2] Its Not My Hat – Honest!!18 
422Barry McKeever [3] Storm Brewing Over Lodore – Derwent Water18 
423Jiping BaiB[2] Friendly pigeon1631
423Jiping BaiB[1] Sunlight over field and mountain15 
423Jiping BaiB[3] Lake view15 
429Niall SaundersB[3] Sunrise at Prince of Wales Bridge1835
429Niall SaundersB[1] Three Trees17 
429Niall SaundersB[2] Six Spot Burnet17 
430David BartonB[2] Alys1733
430David BartonB[3] Ella16 
430David BartonB[1] Clematis15 
432Chris ChinnickB[1] End of the pier show1734
432Chris ChinnickB[3] Brecon Flyer17 
432Chris ChinnickB[2] Discovery by the lake16 
434Anne Marie JordanB[1] Safe in the arms of daddy1734
434Anne Marie JordanB[3] Travelling Antiques17 
434Anne Marie JordanB[2] Vacant smiles12 
435Cara SuttonB[2] Let me serenade you1733
435Cara SuttonB[1] Window to the soul16 
435Cara SuttonB[3] Clouds are gathering16 


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