Cardiff Camera Club

October 2018 DPIs

These are the results from out first monthly competition on 25 October 2018

The gallery above shows the top placed images

 JudgeJohnnie Rogers25/10/2018 
MemberMem NoTitleMarkTop 2 Marks
Andre Van De Sande418torquay sunset1937
Andre Van De Sande418ragged victorian18 
Andre Van De Sande418snow robin18 
Andre Van De Sande418blue tit17 
Ann Phillips380Barry icon1631
Ann Phillips380shell15 
Ann Phillips380Pretty in pink15 
Ann Phillips380rotation14 
Anne Marie Jordan434bird in flight1529
Anne Marie Jordan434Megan14 
Anne Marie Jordan434He loves me not14 
Anne Marie Jordan434Sunflower14 
Barry McKeever422Christ In Majesty – Llandaff Cathedral1732
Barry McKeever422Padstow Harbour15 
Barry McKeever422Snow Gum15 
Barry McKeever422Skippy14 
Chris Chinnick432Aira Force1936
Chris Chinnick432Callaghan Square17 
Chris Chinnick432Peacock17 
Chris Chinnick432Prince od Wales Bridge16 
Dave Russell94Abandoned Challenge1834
Dave Russell94Barry on Fire16 
Dave Russell94Cynghordy 115 
Dave Russell94Twine15 
David Barton430Polarized re creation1834
David Barton430crane in the rain 16 
David Barton430Polarized Effect16 
David Barton430lost in music16 
Dean Pine411The Pose2036
Dean Pine411Romanesco Cauliflower16 
Dean Pine411No Strings Attached16 
Dean Pine411Morning Dew15 
Jeff Howe419Gone to Seed1833
Jeff Howe419The Hidden Cottage15 
Jeff Howe419Seren15 
Jeff Howe419Swallow14 
Jen Cox254Griffy in a tree trunk1632
Jen Cox254Wild Garlic16 
Jen Cox254Evening Stroll at Caerphilly Castle13 
Jiping Bai423Ascending over the clouds1529
Jiping Bai423Enjoying sunbath14 
Jiping Bai423S for snow14 
Jiping Bai423Beating the rush hour13 
Niall Saunders429Water serpent1734
Niall Saunders429Moon over Prince of Wales Bridge17 
Niall Saunders429Suspension16 
Niall Saunders429Mother & Daughter15 
Sharon Davies437Puffin1631
Sharon Davies437light as a feather15 
Sharon Davies437droplets14 
Sharon Davies437Lunch13 
Stephen Willcocks285Old Peculier1632
Stephen Willcocks285Where’s Wally16 
Stephen Willcocks285Milford Sound16 
Stephen Willcocks285Evening Light15 
Tim Stephens412Rentals1631
Tim Stephens412Deadhead15 
Tim Stephens412Spooky house15 
Tim Stephens412ZigZag15 
Trevor Waller264Israeli Tailor in Tiberias1632
Trevor Waller264Living and Dying in Rectangles16 



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